Content marketing is a collective term for marketing that is done on online platforms. This includes content creation (in the form of photos, words, audio or video), publishing and content distribution in order to reach online target markets. This form of marketing is effective and extremely valuable in modern times as it provides potential customers and clients with information necessary to prompt them to purchase the product or service. Establishing an online presence for your brand will keep you in competition with similar companies and ensure that you are optimizing advertising opportunities.

Everything You Need to Know About Content Marketing

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding content marketing, which inspired us to seek answers from experts in the field.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the strategy of using content (guides, how-to, lists, videos, and more) to bring in visitors to your site. Though you will not often make a direct sale then and there, you will build longstanding relationships with customers and build your reputation both in your community and online.

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How Effective is Content Marketing?

It’s effective at bringing in new visitors, establishing brand trust, and even building customer relationships.

How Does Content Marketing Lead to Sales?

The customer doesn’t want a product, they want a problem solved. Content marketing is a great way to illustrate to customers how to solve a problem in full, and subtly directs customers to your product or services.

Wouldn’t Content Marketing Help My Competition?

Building long-term relationships with your customers far outshine the risk that you will help your competition. By being first, you become the industry leader customers turn to, not your competition.

How Can You Stand Out with Content Marketing?

Choosing the right topic and content, optimizing it, using analytics and direct feedback to improve your next piece of content, and aligning your content strategy with your overall marketing and business strategies.

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How Can You Optimize Your Content?

There are three main ways you can optimize your content.


Researching to see what topics are trending, and also researching the buyer cycle for your customers, can help you focus on content that your visitors want to see most. By keeping it informative and easy to read, you can attract old and new visitors alike.


Optimizing content for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) means a variety of on-site and off-site efforts. Use our SEO services to improve your website’s optimisation and your content.

Voice Search

Voice search is best optimized for in a question-and-answer format. Try to keep the questions as natural as possible to improve voice search capabilities.

What is the Best Kind of Content?

Though images and videos will absolutely help increase engagement rates in your content, the exact topic varies. At the end of the day, the best kind of content is content that is better than your last posted piece. Use a variety of content types, topics, and create content for audiences at various stages of the buying cycle for the best results.

How Do You Measure Content Marketing Success?

You measure content marketing success through analytics. You will also want to integrate your content marketing with other marketing efforts – in particular, your social media and your email marketing strategies. This way, you can also measure the number of repeat visitors and customers.

What is a Landing Page in Content Marketing?

A landing page is a page that you send visitors to through other marketing pathways. It can be the article you write that you advertise in your email newsletter, or it could be the sales landing page you use an external content strategy to direct traffic to.

How Do You Bring in Site Visitors?

You bring in site visitors using PPC marketing, SEO, social media marketing, PR marketing, email marketing, and even influencers. Great content takes a few months to truly get off its feet as well, so use all the tricks in the book or our services at Easy2Access to direct traffic to your site. Build loyal customers and enjoy repeat business.

Build Your Brand with the Help of Easy2Access

Now that you know the importance of content marketing and how your business can benefit from it, you can seek professional guidance to optimize your online presence. Easy2Access specialize in lead generation, sales generation, content marketing, online advertising and software development. Whether you need a website designed or regular content marketing for your business, we are happy to help you build your business. Contact us today with any further queries or to request a quote.

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