All businesses must invest in a blog as part of their SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. Like all SEO goals, your blog can do wonders for your customer engagement and your search engine ranking. At Easy2Access, we offer blogging as part of our services, but why should you invest?

These are Some of the Benefits of Having a Blog

There are so many great reasons to have a blog, and thanks to the updates from Google’s search algorithm, all of the benefits you used to only see from a user point of view now translate over to your search ranking.

Content is king, and for every website, the blog is where that content can shine; you can even visit our blog! For those wondering why they should invest in a blog, you’ll enjoy these 13 SEO benefits when you do so:

1. Increased Visibility
2. Rank on Your Keywords
3. Increased Indexed Pages
4. Increased Backlinking
5. Improved Internal Linking
6. Keeps Your Site Fresh
7. Improved User Experience
8. Improved Authority
9. Become a Valuable Source for Information
10. More Engagement with Your Customers
11. Increased Organic Traffic
12. Improved Page Ranking
13. More Opportunities to Rank on Google

How to Boost Your Blog for SEO

Having a blog will do wonders for your SEO strategy and product results on multiple fronts.

Create High Quality, In-Depth Content

Not just any old content will do. Your content must be well-written, free of errors, engaging, and in-depth. Longer content is better for SEO, but you need to craft it in a way that is most engaging for your readers. A good way to do this is to spread it out, so it is easy to skim through and add multi-media elements like a video.

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Optimise That Content with SEO In Mind

The content should be optimised with SEO in mind. This means using keyword research and using organic placement to rank on those words. It also means using internal and external linking to improve the overall site structure of your website.

Stick to a Schedule

Most websites are dead. They have never been updated or have been stagnant for months if not years. Google penalises stagnant sites because chances are the information on it is outdated and no longer applicable.

By updating your website, you can keep it fresh and ranking well. A good idea to keep it fresh is to stick to a content schedule.

Update Old Information

If you have older articles, give them a refresh with an update for the current year. This is great for your SEO and a good way to enjoy a renewed interest in your content from users.

Market Your Content

Great SEO rankings require a comprehensive backlink profile. You can work to develop this profile organically through your blog, but only if you work on marketing it. There are so many ways you can get links to your content up on other sites. You can get in touch with others who are writing about the same topic and get in touch with them. You can find dead links in similar content and recommend your page to replace them.

Start Your Business Blog Today with Easy2Access

Blogging is no longer a desirable trait in business – it’s a must-have. To compete and be heard above the noise, you have to first make the noise! Blogging has a vast array of benefits for any business. Contact us today to discuss your SEO blogging strategy.

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