One of the most effective forms of digital marketing is pay per click (PPC), and it is made simple with experts in the practice like us here at Easy2Access, who have decades of experience in bringing results.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC is a method of online advertising whereby the advertiser – your business – pays each time an internet user clicks on one of their online ads – you “pay per click”! Compared to the buying of promotions on social media or other platforms, the cost of this advertising only comes into effect when potential customers actually click on the advert, making it perfect for seeing instant results.

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Importance of PPC in Good Digital Marketing

In terms of your overall digital strategy, PPC marketing is essential to gaining high visibility on search engines and reaching out to new customers. In general, PPC also has a high conversion rate of clicks to sales – much higher than organic visitors to your site – so is a form of marketing that pays dividends.

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Sales Generation from a South African Digital Agency

A superb PPC marketing campaign, aided by a successful South African digital agency such as Easy2Access, should result in increased lead and sales generation. This is because more visitors are coming to your website due to finding you far easier on search engines such as Google and because a local agency will understand the local market conditions.

Using a South African Digital Marketing Agency for SEO Advice

Getting found on search engines is absolutely key to increasing traffic, leads and sales, and PPC marketing is one of the best ways to achieve this. Search engine optimisation is the method through which you can bring your website higher up results pages such as Google’s in order to reach out to new customers, and PPC aids this by boosting your profile, generating traffic, and keeping customers coming back for more.

PPC – Google Ads

PPC marketing should focus on Google, which has over 95.5% of the search engine market share in South Africa. Here at Easy2Access, a South African digital agency, we have a team of experts waiting to help your business take advantage of this.

Contact Easy2Access for PPC Advertising and Other Digital Solutions

Easy2Access can help your business reap the rewards of running an exceptional PPC campaign along with other elements of a digital strategy, so get in contact today and begin to see results.

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