Integrated marketing campaigns at Easy2Access utilize a myriad of marketing channels in order to ensure that every part of your marketing output is covered. Channels such as email, social media, on-page and off-page SEO, and, of course, websites and landing pages come together to ensure a marketing campaign that covers every angle and reaches all of the potential customers that you need to reach.

Integrated Digital Marketing: The Benefits

Maximizing your reach to a set of targeted customers is one of the best business marketing strategies available to boost your lead generation abilities, especially when marketing campaigns are expensive and rely on a lot of high-quality content development in order to get it right. You can learn more about this on our blog.

By using different channels, you are casting your net wider, and you’ll see the benefits easily. These benefits include:

1. Improved Trust

Having a coherent message across social media, your website, your landing pages, email marketing, and even in your traditional marketing efforts will mean that your current and new customers will see a cohesive message, creating a strong bond of trust.

We’re entering a period in our history where people are becoming warier of advertising campaigns and less trusting. By creating a campaign that looks and feels the same on multiple platforms, you are helping to showcase your business as trustworthy in your industry and to your new and existing customers.

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2. Improved Efficiencies

Having the same campaign running across all of the platforms that you are utilizing is actually more efficient than trying to keep track of multiple campaigns at once.

The consistency of your message can be copied across platforms (although each platform will need its own tailored content) so that your PPC campaign uses the same phraseology, branding, images, and approach as your paid social campaign and your website’s campaign landing page.

This reduces the amount of content you need to create and allows you to keep track of it more easily.

3. Less Confusion

By covering as many channels as you need to with a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing campaign, your audience will get to know your product or service on a level that is more in detail than if you were just using one platform.

Clear calls to action and benefits lists, for example, can be shared across platforms and help to show your customers that you are speaking about the same product or service during this campaign, rather than mixing messages from other products or services on different platforms.

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