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Despite the massive surge in online shopping in recent years, e-Commerce selling sites still face many challenges. With consumers able to read a whole host of reviews, check prices and compare your products with those of your competitors, all before they even make the decision to visit your website, you need to make sure you focus your marketing efforts in the right place.

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    Our digital marketing solutions that are specifically targeted towards the e-Commerce sector include social media marketing, mobile marketing, behavioural remarketing and more.

    Who We Help

    Health Products & Medical Supplies

    If you want to become the go-to health product or medical supplies, brand online, then you need to create brand awareness, enhance your reputation, and encourage repeat business. Whether you have a product that is already established within the healthcare industry, or you have launched a completely innovative item, we will create the right digital marketing strategy for you and your e-Commerce business.

    Chain & FMCG Retail

    Attracting customers to an offline FMCG brand is simple, yet as an e-Commerce FMCG business, you need to find more subtle ways to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.

    Of course, you must have a compelling website, but even with that, how often do you think that the average shopper decides to look for washing up liquid or dishwasher detergent online?

    You need to get creative with your marketing efforts. You need a bespoke digital marketing strategy that complements your brand. We can help you with this.

    Women’s, Men’s & Children’s Clothing, Costumes, Novelty Merchandise, Uniforms, Corporate Branded Wear & Sportswear

    With so many online fashion retailers out there, how do you ensure your brand stands out from the crowd?

    With the right digital marketing strategy, you will increase sales, improve your brand’s online visibility and make your business more profitable.

    From retargeting visitors to offering timely promotions, to working with the right influencers, we will help you to implement the right digital marketing techniques for your e-Commerce site.

    Women’s, Men’s & Children’s Footwear, School Footwear, Formal Footwear & Sports Footwear

    Did you know that Adidas spend 90% of their marketing budget on digital marketing campaigns and social media?

    From utilising 3D printing technology and robotics to always providing a personalised and unique experience online, to collaborating with the right partners, this famous footwear brand knows how to impress their customers through adapting the right digital marketing techniques.

    Want to do the same? Here at Easy2Acess, we can help you.

    Lifestyle & Luxury Brands

    Nearly half of all luxury purchases are now made online, with this figure set to increase in the next few years as consumers spend more time on the web and on mobile devices.

    Visuals are essential when marketing your lifestyle or luxury products as you want to evoke aspirational emotions in your customers. Always remember you are selling an experience, not just a product.

    Showcasing your brand on the right social media platforms is a must, as is building a website and mobile app that are both stylish and functional.

    Need help designing your mobile app? Head over to Software Dev, a leading mobile app development company, with innovation at the heart of everything they do.

    Industrial Brands & Bulk Suppliers

    If you are worried about how your industrial brand or bulk supplier business will be able to compete online with the likes of the Amazon e-Commerce shopping experience, then we can help you.

    We will create a bespoke digital marketing strategy that will focus on the strengths of your business, showcasing your USP and connecting with the right customers to generate high-quality leads and increase sales.

    PPE & Safety Wear

    As an e-Commerce business that sells PPE or other safety equipment, you need to ensure that you portray yourself as a trusted brand. By utilising content marketing, social media marketing and link building, we will help you to gain the confidence of your target market, resulting in more conversions and increased loyalty to your brand.

    Security Products

    If you sell security equipment online, you need to be able to visually promote your products effectively and instil trust in your brand. Our digital marketing solutions that are specifically tailored for the security e-Commerce sector include Facebook and Instagram marketing, reputation management and technical SEO.

    Digital Products & Resources

    It can be challenging to sell digital products online, with building trust with consumers being one of the most apparent obstacles to your success. However, it can be done if you know what digital marketing solutions to use for your specific range of digital products.

    We will work with you to produce a digital marketing strategy that works hard for your brand, utilising effective techniques for this sector such as running promotions on social media, using video content to preview your products and sourcing experts reviews to increase traffic to your site.

    Our eCommerce Digital Marketing Services

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Display Advertising
    • Behavioural Remarketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing

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