Lead and sales generation both accomplish the same task: they increase your profits and customer base. The difference lies in your type of business model and your marketing goals. Here, at Easy2Access, we have created the below guide on the difference between lead generation and sales generation.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is for a service or an offline product. When you generate a lead, your customer will still need to take additional steps after you get them to your destination page. The goal is a softer sale. Rather than a customer check-out online, they will request a quote, fill in a form, or call you directly. You need to sell them on the importance of your work, and then often in a one-on-one capacity seal the deal later. Our blog features further guides on digital lead generation.

What is Sales Generation?

Sales generation refers to the strategies used to increase sales through eCommerce. Sales generation tactics will typically include using advertisements to increase click-through rates to the product in question. The goal is to get the sale from the first contact to check-out entirely online.

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How Can You Use Lead Generation and Sales Generation in Your Business?

To succeed in either lead generation or sales generation, you will need to:

1. Know the Buying Cycles

Know the buying cycles and what type of information customers are looking for at each one. With lead generation, you will want to appeal to customers who are ready to make a commitment, but you will still need to follow through with great customer service to seal the deal. For sale generation, you are marketing for the end of the buying cycle when a customer buys a product from you online. By knowing the buying cycles, you can make better goals and generation strategies.

2. Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

The best way to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is with an entire team by your side that specialises in online marketing. Our team at Easy2Access can help you with your lead and sales generation goals in no time, it is our key area of difference when compared to traditional internet marketing agencies.

3. Measure and Track Your Lead Generation Efforts

We’ll also measure and track your campaign so that you can get comprehensive reports and we can work together to perfect your marketing campaign.

Let Easy2Access be Your Trusted Sales and Lead Generation Partner

Both lead generation and sales generation can be incredibly worthwhile for any business, generating amazing return-on-investment, but doing it right needs expert knowledge and often a helping hand. Contact our team today for our guidance on making these two techniques work for you.

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